What is OPUS?

OPUS stands for ‘Opportunities at the University of Southampton’, and has been developed with students, for students, to profile many of the fantastic opportunities that life at the University of Southampton has to offer its students. Some of the opportunities profiled on OPUS will be a compulsory part of your studies, but they have been selected because they provide you with a great opportunity to gain skills that will help your personal development. Other opportunities you can choose to do based on your interests or because you want to develop particular skills. Be sure to use the filter to help you on the search bar after your initial search.

Please don’t expect this website cover absolutely everything that we offer as a University – but it gives a flavour of much of what is out there. If you know of any opportunities that are missing please contact us as we would love to hear from you and get them profiled too.

Your fellow students have written the majority of the opportunity profiles, as they know better than anyone what kind of information is relevant from your perspective – take a look at the ‘authors’ page to find out more about them.

The OPUS learning and development framework

In order to help you to make sense of what you have to gain from different opportunities, we have developed a framework which shows how every opportunity profiled on this website spans across four core inter-related development themes. The themes are:


Academic development                                        Personal and social development

 Career and professional development                     Research and enterprise development

Every opportunity profiled on this website offers you the opportunity to develop across all four of these themes (that’s why we’ve picked them!), but to help you to filter the profiles more easily and make more informed choices about what you’re searching for, we have selected what we think is the dominant theme for each opportunity to help you with your searches.

Why should I use OPUS?

  • To discover: Studying at the University of Southampton is a once in a life time opportunity. Seize that opportunity and really make the most of what it has to offer you, enjoying structure and safe environment that the University learning community provides. OPUS will help open your eyes to what is on offer and encourage you to explore and discover new knowledge, networks and skills, as well as discovering more about yourself along the way. Each opportunity profile contains a clear description of what is involved, with an inspiring quote from a student about what they gained from getting involved.
  • To develop: By engaging with the kind of opportunities profiled on OPUS, you will grow and develop in a wide range of areas, developing essential skills valued by employers as well as preparing you for successful and fulfilled futures. Each opportunity profile outlines the benefits of engaging with the opportunity, listing the key skills that you will develop that are valued by employers.
  • To make an impact: Whilst essential, it is not simply enough to undertake these opportunities and know how they have helped your learning and self-development; you must also be able to clearly articulate this to others in a way that demonstrates how having undertaken the experience and reflected on the process, you are capable of making a positive impact in the ‘real world’, and able to apply your learning in a variety of different contexts. Each opportunity profile lists the kind of employability skills you should be capable of developing as a result of engaging effectively with it, giving you the confidence to articulate this to others.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new and simply having a go – who knows where it might lead you!

Find out more

Sarah Rogers (Project Manager), Fiona Harvey (Education Development Manager) and Sophie Farmer (Project Coordinator) would welcome any questions, feedback or contributions to this web resource. Please get in touch.


Sarah Rogers (Project Manager) – sed2@soton.ac.uk

Fiona Harvey (Education Development Manager)- Fiona.Harvey@soton.ac.uk

Sophie Farmer (Project Coordinator) – S.Farmer@soton.ac.uk