Featured Opportunities
  • Be more enterprising!

    It's easier than you think to develop a more enterprising attitude to life at university and beyond, and you will reap endless benefits from adopting such an approach, both academically, personally - and of course, professionally. There are many opportunities on offer at the University of Southampton to help you develop your enterprise skills.

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  • Be an active team player...

    The ability to work effectively in teams is an essential requirement in most professions, and you should seek to take up opportunities that enable to you to gain group-work experience and develop the self-awareness to be able to work confidently and effectively as a team player.

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  • Go on, think global...

    Gaining international experience quite simply broadens your horizons and perspectives. And you don’t necessarily have to go abroad to gain it.

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  • OPUS fosters the sense of community at the University by encouraging students to take a more active role in their student experience.
    Amber Dudley, OPUS Author
  • This directory and the larger Southampton Opportunity Project, has enabled us to enhance ourselves into more employable and self-aware individuals by the time we graduate, giving us the much needed edge over our competitors.
    Bradley Heslop, OPUS Author
  • OPUS delivers an informative, clear and interactive way of finding opportunities!
    Charlie Cole, OPUS Author
  • Students can actively control their career development and be proactive by participating in the multitude of initiatives that exist across the University.
    Barnaby Abbott, OPUS Author
  • The philosophy of ’OPUS’ is one that is very relevant to modern student life. It means ‘work’ (in Latin), plain and simple. As students, our worlds revolve around the work we do and the work we hope to gain in the future.
    Bradley Heslop, OPUS Author
  • The OPUS website is an incredibly valuable resource for students at all levels as it enables them to take the initiative and decide, for themselves, what they can take away from their time here at Southampton.
    Toby Siret-Godfrey, OPUS Author