Did You Know?

Many psychology students begin their academic journey wanting to be applied psychologists, however, after this talk, many students realise they wish to branch out into other fields of Psychology.

What this opportunity offers you
  • Increase your knowledge on the area of applied and academic psychology
  • Explore your career options and decide whether applied/academic psychology is for you
  • Hear from some of the psychology department’s staff who specialise in the area of applied/academic psychology
The skills you will gain that will impress employers:
  • Career management skills
  • Intellectual and subject knowledge skills
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Self-management and personal effectiveness skills

Find out more about what these skills mean.

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Attending the careers in applied psychology event showed me that applied psychology is not for me! I think a lot of students enter the psychology degree with the intention of becoming an applied psychologist but few students actually realise what it entails

Kim Proyer (2014 graduate)
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